1 Troops I Shall Upgrade 1-St In Clash Of Clans

a lot of you Clash of Clans players may get confused on which troops to upgrade 1-st when you had stopped your construction laboratory. My choice is plain simple, archers upgrade possibly should be your 1st priority when doing upgrades. Another question is. Why? There are three reasons why archer is your biggest priority troops to upgrade. Archer has good attacking grip compared to barbarians or goblins. Now pay attention please. You most likely investigating why cause also archer has the lowest overall health nevertheless it in addition has the lowest damage per 2nd attack grip compared to barbs or goblins. This implies that archers have a better chance to hit the following defensive buildings such as cannons or towers disregarding wall protections. Needless to say, try to compare that with barbarians which need to breakthrough the wall 1-st till they can get to anything.

The archers hit anything on their sight, unlike goblins which prioritize the resource buildings when attacking. This gives archers a better chance to wipe out a base compared to goblins that is picky since resource storages mostly placed deep within the base and fully protected. "clash of kings hack" - visit this web page in case you are looking for more read. You cannot deploy goblins with anything unlike assistance troops such as barbs or giants cause they will get crushed effortlessly. An army consists of 100% archers will definitely able to get out any base with decent protections and from time to time reward you with three stars! 3-rd, archers are an excellent Clan Castle troops.

Basically, fairly reputed requested troops for Clan Castle at the second is archer for obvious reasons. Then once again, archers opportunity to hit from afar is usually dangerous and now try to put archers inside a dozen of strong, protective walls. The output is you will get a group of army that can attack an enemy whereas not having to fear of getting hit back. Town Hall base. This is the case. Once you hit a level 6 to above Town Hall level base you apparently want to combine archers with various troops such as giants or wallbreakers. Visit my internet site at, in case you want more useful tips and tricks for playing Clash of Clans. Thanks and have fun explore!

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